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Volume One, Issue One                  Fall Semester 1997 


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Welcome to the first issue of Ampersand.  In this refereed, electronic journal, we have attempted to capture the best undergraduate work from across the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University.  In this issue, you will find articles analyzing literary works such as Emerson's "The American Scholar" and Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn;  articles discussing local issues such as the bible curriculum in the Lee County Public School system;  scientific proposals for environmental and physiological studies; and essays analyzing changes in cultural systems and cultural values. 

We would appreciate your feedback!  After perusing this site, let us know what you think about the work that we have included; about our organizational structure; or about any other items of interest to you.  You can email your responses to Jim Wohlpart. 

Thanks--and enjoy! 

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Best Paper of Volume One, Issue One
Leslie Gregory's paper, "Finding Jim Behind the Mask: The Revelation of African American Humanity in Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," was voted the best paper of the first issue of Ampersand.  The reviewers noted in their comments that Leslie's paper offered a subtle reading of a highly controversial issue of this classic text--the perception of Jim both as slave, and thus subhuman, and as human. 
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Published Works

"Books and Man Thinking:  Edification or False Idolatry? A Caution in Emerson's 'The American Scholar'"     -- by Nancy Haines  

"Confession, Exploration, and Comfort in Anne Bradstreet's 'Upon the Burning of Our House July 10th, 1666'"  --by Rebecca Howe-Pinsker  

"Crossing Borders:  The Interplay of Justice, Morality, and Law"  --by Lisa Woodburn  

"The Effect of Female Hormone Fluctuations on the Incidence of Trisomy in Humans"  --by Kerin McCormack  

"Finding Jim Behind the Mask:  The Revelation of African American Humanity in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"   -- by Leslie Gregory (voted best paper of the Fall 1997 issue)  

"Memo from the Supreme Being -- RE:   Requested Changes in the Human Body"  --by Toni Ferraro  

"Population Survivorship Study of two native orchid species in the Big Cypress Basin:  Cyrtopodium punctatum and Epidendrum nocturnum"  --by Alexandra Sulecki  

"The Production of New Meanings:  Smoke Now and Forever Hold No Peace"  --by Melissa A. Guido  

"Technology:  Boon or Bane?"  --by Joyce W. Miller  

"When Worldviews Collide:  The Issue of a Bible History Class in the Lee County Public Schools"  --by Connie Holzinger  

"'White Feather' Feminism:  The Recalcitrant Progeny of Radical Suffragist and Conservative Pro-War Britain"  --by Robin Mac Donald  

"Wordsworth and the Reweaving of the Rainbow"  --by Lori Burton 

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Honorable Mentions
"Accommodation and the Eventual Transformation of Racial Relations in Booker T. Washington's 'Atlanta Exposition' Address" --by Deborah Thomas 

"Connecting to a New Democracy in Henry David Thoreau's Walden"  --by Patricia Gair 

"Deviance and Parenting"  --by Eric Otto 

"The Genetic Man"  --by Suzanne M. Young 

"German Viewpoint"  --by Jay Baird 

"The Informational Age: Uses and Abuses" --by Sharon L. Flannery 

"Neuropsychological and Behavioral Deficits in Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS)"  --by Gwendolyn P. Loupin 

"Postpartum Depression"  --by Lisa Woodburn 

"Six Minutes" (Videotape) --by Melissa Bourne, David Barber, Katrina Fotovat, Melissa Lett, and Diana Wellbrock 

"Sleepwalking and Violent Behavior"  --by Angela M. Doerr 

"Stewardship of America's Natural Resources"  --by Leslie Gregory 

Untitled (Videotape)  --by David Cox 

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College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers
Stacy Andersen 
Rick Coughlin
Nora Demers
Win Everham
John Fitch
Brad Hobbs
Mason Meers
Myra Mendible
Maria Roca
Martha Rosenthal 
Susan Stans
Glenn Whitehouse 
Ken Williams
Joe Wisdom

Editor: Jim Wohlpart

Editorial Assistants: Leslie Gregory and Michael McCabe


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