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Office: Whitaker Hall Room 250  (East end)

Office Hours:
Monday 1:00pm - 4:00pm; or by appointment.

Phone: (941) 590-7174
FAX: (941) 590-7200


Current Courses: 

Native American Cultures   ANT 3312.  Mondays 5:00-7:45.  Reed Hall Room 236. CRN 10719. 

Florida Native Languages, Miccosukee at Big Cypress Reservation. Wednesday 2-4:45

Florida Native Languages, Creek at Brighton Reservation.  Thursday 2-4:45


Course Websites
Connections IDS 2110 Cultual Anthropology

ANT 2410 (10703) Cultural Anthropology Online.

Medical Anthropology
Variables in Alcohol Research
Native American Cultures Issues in Culture & Society Human Species/Physical Antropology
Student Primate Papers
Language and Culture 2001 Language & Culture Guidelines
Xhosa Clicks Video
ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology
Issues in Ecology and the Environment 2000 Issues in Ecology & The Environment
Student Papers
Senior Seminar
Southeastern Native American Cultures Pacific Expedition
2001 trip cancelled

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Sample Outline for Essays Writing Papers Presentation Evaluation Form
Peer Evaluation Form On-Line Grammar and Style Manuals Using the Internet for College Research
Plagiarism Evaluate Information on the Internet The Internet Detective
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Favorite Sites
Alcohol and Drug Study Group Bulletin Emahakv Vpelofv Brighton Reservation Summer Enrichment Program  
Southern Anthropological Society (SAS) Announcing the FGCU Message Board Cultural Anthropology Online
Physical Anthropology Native American Medical Anthropology
Online Archaeology Ecology and the Environment  
Personal Favorites - Computer Associates Luxury Low Rider
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