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ISM3212: Database Concepts & Administration

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Course Information
Reference # 80033
Description: Principles of database administration. Information systems design and implementation with database management systems. The course covers conceptual, logical, and physical design of database; SQL; various database administration issues; and different models for databases (relational, hierarchical, network, and object oriented). Students will design and construct a physical database system to implement the logical design.
School: College of Business
Subject Area: Information Systems Management
Credit Hours: 3
Class Meetings: T-TH 5:00 p.m to 6:15 p.m
Location: Griffin 205
Instructor: Rajendra (Raj) Bandi
Phone #: 590-7361
E-mail: rbandi@fgcu.edu
Office: Academic Building II; Room 131
Office hours: TTH 9:30am - 10:30am; TTH 3:00pm - 4:30 pm
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Required Textbooks:
  1. Modern Database Management 4th edition by F.R. McFadden & J.A. Hoffer (1994). Benjamin Cummings.
Optional Readings
  1. Mastering Access 97 for windows 95/NT Fourth Edition (1997) Alan Simpson and Elizabeth Olson. Sybex, San Francisco, CA.
  2. Oracle 8.0 Complete Reference. Osborne, Berkeley, CA.
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Teaching Philosophy
Learning is an active and collaborative process. As your teacher my role is to select relevant resources and assignments, to clarify and summarize complex material, to motivate and help you become a reflective practitioner. The field of CIS is changing so rapidly that every course is a learning experience for the students as well as for the teacher. I look forward to working with you and in making it a mutual learning experience.
An ancient Chinese proverb says: "A Teacher may open the door but you must enter by yourself." I hope you take the challenge and enjoy the experience!
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Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives
and Assessment:
  1. understand the concepts and principles of database systems (exams, homework assignments, and quizzes)
  2. be familiar with various methods, tools, and techniques required to develop database systems in a professional manner (exams, and homework assignments)
  3. be able to apply the concepts learned by working on a case (homework assignments based on a case)
  4. be able to design a database to satisfy information requirements as specified in the case descriptions (homework assignments based on a case)
  5. develop a working prototype based on the database (homework assignments based on a case)
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Grading Policies
Mid-Term exam 20%
Final exam20%
Homework Assignments45%
Class Participation / attendance 5%
The following criteria will be used for assigning grades
based on the overall score:
>= 90% A
>= 80% and <90% B
>= 70% and <80% C
>= 60% and <70% D
<= 60% F
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Students Honesty Policy
Students must do their own work. Working in teams on individual assignments, or viewing another student's exams during testing, all constitute academic dishonesty. Please refer to the university policies regarding issues of honesty which can be found at the Students Services web site. Any one found to be cheating will at a minimum fail the course. Other more severe academic sanctions may also be pursued.
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Tentative Course Schedule Information
Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to see slides.
Date Topics Readings HW Due Notes
08/25-27/98 Introduction to Databases Ch 1,2,3 db1.pdf
09/01-03/98 The Entity-Relationship Model Ch 4 db2raj.pdf
09/08-10/98 The Entity-Relationship Model Ch 4
09/15-17/98 The Relational Model: Logical Design Ch 6 db3raj.pdf
09/22-24/98 The Relational Model: Logical Design Ch 6 HW 1
09/29-01/98 Database Design: Physical Ch 7 db4raj.pdf
10/06-08/98 SQL Ch 8 HW 2 db6raj.pdf
10/13-15/98 SQL Ch 8
10/20/98 Midterm Exam
10/22-29/98 MS Access, Visual Basic HW 3
11/03-05/98 Object-Oriented Model Ch 5 ooraj.pdf
11/10-12/98 Data Administration Ch 12 db8raj.pdf
11/17-19/98 Network & Hierarchical Databases Ch 14,15,7 HW 5 db10raj.pdf
11/24/98 Client / Server & Distributed Databases Ch 13 HW 6 & 7 db11raj.pdf
12/01-03/98 Client / Server & Distributed Databases Ch 13 HW 4
12/08/98 Final Exam
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