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The tree image you see here is a compilation of thoughts and ideas from two people, Nora Demers and the artist, Carrie Resseger of South Beach, Oregon. The tree itself is an actual tree that grows on Bay Street in Newport, Oregon.

Carrie worked on a series of Biology posters while Nora Demers was a Graduate Student at Oregon State University. The posters were prepared as an announcement for the annual Biology Graduate Student Symposium. The purpose of the Symposium is to help the diverse student population to learn about the variety of research questions and approaches used to answer Biological questions- that is to make us more aware of the interconnectedness of not only our research but life itself. 

The "space ship" in the center is actually an adenovirus- the cause of the common cold and represents the many micro-organisms that share our world. There are numerous other organisms incorporated into the tree including: a heron family, an alligator, snakes, gray whale, butterflies, an insect and an antelope. There is a beaver in the roots as well as a human fetus and two frogs in amplexus. The fish and squirrel are yet more organisms we scientists choose to study to understand "LIFE."

This poster demonstrates the interconnectedness of life and the close link between Science and Art. 

- N. Demers

Tree image - by Carrie Resseger

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