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I've composed these links to provide easy access to sites that I have found to be helpful for students.

It is arranged in a manner that makes sense to me, and I hope you find it easy to navigate as well. 

The URL's are provided so that you are able to evaluate the address to determine whether the site is appropriate for your needs.

Please enjoy your visit, and contact me with your ideas or comments about the site.

prefixes and suffixes
Government sites - a wealth of United States government offices
Organizations sites - .org's that you might find useful
Media sites - international, national, and local news resources
Local Resources - links about Southwest Florida
FGCU Library- this link serves as your portal to journals, newspapers in addition to the catalog and databases

cq researcher (from the FGCU library) very helpful

Science related links- not just for science geeks! Links to a page of various scientific resources geared toward the general public.
Internet searching advice
Teaching and Learning There are a number of pages here with helpful resources for teaching and learning
Biology These are my own collection of biology related links
Help in evaluating web resources

Evaluating magazines and journals- prepared by FGCU librarians   What type of manuscript do you have?

prepared by the FGCU librarians


Writing and citation assistance 

Online Writing Lab (OWL) - How to use APA

OWL -Outlining suggestions

How to cite alternative resources- your feedback welcome (you might find this one "fun")




















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