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Here are a variety of links to national and international media resources.  If you cannot access an article you need directly try using the FGCU library 

For LOCAL news sources also check the local link.  

Pay attention to the variety in the information provided; which sites are more comprehensive?  Which provide the information at a level you can understand?  Is there enough detail in the commercial (network) media resources for you to make an informed decision?

Please enjoy your visit, and contact me with your ideas or comments about the site.

Media information
LinkArcade - links to various news sites
A site (from Minnesota) with a wealth of links to national and international media resources
National Network Commercial Broadcast stations
CBS News
ABC News
WGCU- FT. Myers Public Radio TV
More National and International Media Sources
ProPublica- Journalism in the Public Interest
Food and Environment Reporting Network
National Public Radio 
The National Review
The Economist
The New York Times
The Christian Science Monitor
The Nation
The New Republic
The BBC World News
All Africa
Huffington Post
Common Dreams
Florida Independent News

Wall Street Journal
Science-related Periodicals
New Scientist
Science News
Science Magazine
Natural History Magazine
Science Daily- an online resource
National Geographic

Science Magazine NetWatch (resource archive)

This is a VERY helpful tool- just type in what you are looking for and see if AAAS has highlighted a web page they found particularly valuable.

Scientific American

Popular Science



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