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Biology Resources

Alphabetical list of biology references

Harvard Biology Links
Biology digital libraries
High Wire Press free journals online
Darwin 2000 - Student Research in Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology, and Evolution
Medical Ignorance Collaboration Univ. Arizona
An Informal History of Evolutionary Biology
Colorado Futurescience
Science & Technology Archives and Oral Histories
Books and other Educational resources  
Education Portal Academy- Bio 101

Online Biology Book 
Online bacteriology textbook
Cell Biology animations from John Kyrk
Chemistry Virtual Textbook by Dr. Lower at Simon Fraser
Animations about Biology from Davidson
Professor Malcolm Campbell at Davidson's Immunology course
Great animations of various Biology concepts,-movies-interactive-links.aspx
Immunology animations from publisher
More immunology animations
An Informational Resource for Cell and Molecular Biologists

HHMI Biology interactive
Genetics Science Learning Center  Univ. Utah
Biodiversity and Worldmap
Human Genetics Information
Science Museum in London:  an animated history of technology since 1750 and links scenes to educational material

The Tech Museum of Innovation-Understanding Genetics
Science Museum in London: contextualizes and presents 30,000 images of pictures and artifacts from the museum's collections

Electrophoresis resources
Indiana U. Molecular Structure Resources
Clinical conversions calculator
Human Genome is a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms.
BioMedical Acronyms- over 200,000 entries!
Geological Society's  BioGeosciences Organization
The Human Serum Proteome
National Science Digital Library
NASA's Earth Observatory
Teaching Science
The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium actively supports educators interested in the reform of undergraduate biology and engages in the collaborative development of curricula
Cell Biology Education --A journal of Life Science Education
Digital library for teaching and learning Biology
Electronic Journal in Excellence in College Teaching
Science Teaching Reconsidered (a book)

Internet searching advice

PUBMED - National Library of Medicine Resources
PUBMED Central- more books and resources than you could possible imagine!
Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
NIH Health Information
Biology Browser

Help in evaluating web resources