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First International Conference on Mining Impacts to the Human and Natural Environments (Punta Gorda, March 15, 2008)


EPA CONTINUES TO PROMOTE COAL ASH WITHOUT KNOWING RISKS — Inspector General Excoriates EPA for Blocking Risk Assessments and Screening (PEER NEWS-RELEASE March 28, 2011)

CALL TO REVOKE LEED CREDITS FOR COAL ASH: Toxic Coal Combustion Wastes Should Not Be Considered “Green” Material 

(PEER Jan 13, 2011)

EPA Vetoes Permit For Largest Mountaintop Removal Mine In West Virginia, Arch Coal's Spruce No. 1 ( Huffington Post Jan 13, 2011)

ECO-RISKS OF COAL ASH AS MINE FILL UNDERSTATED — Pennsylvania Auditor General Asked to Investigate State Agencies’ Inaction (PEER Dec 15, 2010)

EPA Recommends Denial of Water Permit for Disastrous Mountaintop Removal Mine in West Virginia (Center for Biological Diversity, Oct 16, 2010

E.P.A. Official Seeks to Block West Virginia Mine By JOHN M. BRODER NY TIMES Oct 15, 2010

A top federal regulator has recommended revoking the permit for one of the nation’s largest planned mountaintop removal mining projects, saying it would be devastating to miles of West Virginia streams and the plant and animal life they support.

Appalachia Rising: 100 Arrested at White House Calling for End to Mountaintop Coal Removal (Sept 28, 2010)

"The rally was part of Appalachia Rising, a multi-day event organized by residents of Appalachian communities impacted by mountaintop removal. ...The actions come as the Environmental Protection Agency is set to decide on whether to cancel a controversial mining project in West Virginia. If approved, the Spruce Number One Mine would be one of the biggest strip-mining projects in all the Appalachian states, impacting more than 2,200 acres of forest and seven miles of streams."

EPA - Hold on Coal/mountaintop mining The US EPA is again looking at the permits issued for Mountaintop mining and its effect on streams in relation to the Clean water act.  (Living on Earth Sept 18, 2009)

Coal tattoo from the West Virginia Gazette- up to date and graphic information about the Coal mining industry

Documentary Film: Coal Country, the Movie  (Sustainable Living, July 6, 2009 by Cris Bisch)

Filmmakers Mari-Lynn Evans and Phyllis Geller explore modern coal mining... mountain top removal mining and how it is affecting the region and the lives and the health of the families that live there. They interview families, coal miners and coal company officials to get at the truth.

Obama's plan for mountaintop mining (Charleston Gazette, June 11, 2009)

Future Grows More Hazy For Mountaintop Mining  EPA's Fluctuating Messages Concern W.Va. Residents  (Washington Post Apr 11, 2009)

"This week, EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson -- making her first public comments about the letters -- said her agency did not intend to send a mixed message. She said that the EPA was not trying to stop all mountaintop removal but that it "is going to do its job" in checking 150 to 200 projects for environmental impact.

"This was not about making any kind of value judgment on a practice of mining," Jackson said in an interview. "This is about science. And what the law tells us to do is review these permits."

EPA halts hundreds of mountaintop mining permits (Charleston Daily Mail March 24, 2009)

        ...some are concerned about job loss while others are relieved about Clean Water Act and its future...


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This resource focuses on adverse impacts from mining currently not addressed or evaluated by regulatory agencies and municipalities, as well as alternatives to mining and approaches for improved monitoring and evaluation of existing and proposed mine sites and mine-related impacts.  This portal is made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of scientists, other professionals and citizens.

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