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Mining Impacts to the Human and Natural Environments


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(Peace River Reservoir on Kings Hwy. in Arcadia )

A compilation of resources and issues


News articles and letters about mining aggregate and soil:

Lee County to oppose Collier rock mine (Naples Daily News Oct 18, 2011)

South Lee landowner seeks compensation for lost value due to mining restrictions (Naples Daily News May 24, 2011 at 8:14 p.m.)

Both sides of Lee County mining dispute presented in court ( Naples Daily News May 24, 2011 at 1:38 p.m. )

County stands by mining vote; could face lawsuit (By Bill Thompson Tuesday, January 18, 2011)

Marion County commissioners on Tuesday unanimously stood by earlier decisions to reject a proposed limerock mine for the county¹s Farmland Preservation Area -- and with that vote, rejecting the landowners¹ claim for
$16.3 million for being denied the use of their property.


Comment letter to the ACOE regarding Elevating Tamiami Trail June 28, 2010 by Tom Warnke

Commission rejects lime rock mine in Marion County: Proponents and opponents of the proposed quarry held a fierce debate for four hours Tuesday. (By Bill Thompson May 19, 2010)

Hurry up with new nuclear power plants? What Florida Power and Light doesn't want you to know ... by gimleteye  Monday, May 11, 2009

"The presence of tritium, even in minute quantities, in the Biscayne aquifer is a problem for FPL: first of all, this well known marker for fluid movement in water bodies would contradict its contention that building two new nuclear reactors at Turkey Point-- and the related rock mining to elevate the reactors twenty five feet above sea level on three hundred plus acres-- will have no significant impact on either salt water intrusion or drinking water quality.

Studying the evidence and modeling salt water intrusion could have a big impact on the timing and permitting issues. It won't be so easy to explain to South Floridians why the presence of tritium is not a substantial concern."

Mining permits for Uranium near the Grand Canyon have increased to 1100.  Watch the CNN report here. (May 8th, 2009)

Role of mining not considered in Acreage brain tumor cluster:  Acreage residents worry Pratt & Whitney contaminants played role in brain tumors (Palm Beach Post, July 27, 2009)

Silence Scientists--Attempts by mining industry and state agencies -Bacchus case

Citizens fight back- The affidavit of Panagioti Tsolkas in support of written complaint for violations of Chapters 455 and 492 FS and related laws and rules regarding testimony regarding vertical migration of injected industrial wastewater to be missing a published document has been removed in the face of threats of libel.


The report clearly states on page 11 "that the elemental concentrations and morphological characteristics showed that the re-suspended dusts from the raw cement piles in the cement facility did have some impact on the residential areas surrounding the cement facility.  We did conclude that the spatial impact of the particulate emissions from the cement facility to outdoor dust occurred during the study; however, the contribution is limited to Camden residents living immediately around the facility.

Read about NJDEP’s alteration of the original study

See NJDEP’s public announcement

Read the revised final report

Read peer review comments on the report


Estero Mine Hearing:  The final hearing on the Estero Group Mine will be held at Commission Chambers on Monday, June 16th at 9:30AM. The BOCC will review the recommendations of the Lee County Hearing Examiner (HEX) and will make a final vote on the application. Read about the process from Kevin Hill

City's dirt mine plan needs impact study, attorney says: City official reluctantly continues hearing  (Charlotte Sun June 7, 2008)

Activists take rock mining to court  (June 2, 2008) PAUL QUINLAN Palm Beach Post Staff Writer 

The plaintiffs are 1000 Friends of Florida, the Florida Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club.  Both mines seek to blast 50 feet deep at the rate of about 100 acres a year. What do you think the point is that will trigger a more intense study?

Palm Beach County Commission lets rock mine expand in Everglades area:  Critics worry about restoring 'Glades| South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Court lifts ban on rock mining in Dade (Miami Herald May 10, 2008)

Potential for pollution from mines concerns Lee Officials (Naples News May, 2008)

Miners get OK to build in West Palm Beach County (Palm Beach Post, April 24, 2008)

April 28, 2008 update on Zoning changes from Matthew Schwarz

Palm Beach commissioners in favor of rock mining expansion (Miami Herald, Apr. 04, 2008) BY MITRA MALEK

Important - Mining Impact questions being raised by county staff in Indian River County summit 2008

Palm Beach County citizens trying to protect resources- a loss and opportunity  (April, 2008)

2 rock mines in west Palm Beach County win key endorsements By Andy Reid | South Florida Sun-Sentinel April 3, 2008

Details about Hoevler's ruling in Miami-Dade County--

EAA MINING SUMMIT- hear the entire summit and

read newspaper stories - provided by Matt Schwarz

Fighting mining because of Benzene contamination of potable water- (in Georgia)

Part One: Toxin Agency Looks the Other Way

Date: Mar 14, 2008 12:36 AM


Letter to editor regarding unsupported claims for mine pits acting as reservoirs

read Judge Hoevler's findings regarding benzene intrusion into drinking water.

Map of existing an proposed mines in the EAA

Hope for Clean water- a story about limerock mining in Levy county- Tarmac (March 24, 2008) and the Bennett pre-emption bill

 Here is a story about sand mining and Gulf Sturgeon in Walton County (March 17, 2008)

guided tour of the Peace River Basin read about the circuitous route to find information (Apr 16, 2008)

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This resource focuses on adverse impacts from mining currently not addressed or evaluated by regulatory agencies and municipalities, as well as alternatives to mining and approaches for improved monitoring and evaluation of existing and proposed mine sites and mine-related impacts.  This portal is made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of scientists, other professionals and citizens.

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