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Mining Impacts to the Human and Natural Environments

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What can we do?  The most important thing we all need to do is participate in the process.  There are numerous opportunities to make your opinion heard during the permitting process, and public input is integrally important.  While some stakeholders have vast resources to hire lawyers and experts to participate in the process, often the protection of natural resources falls to those who are less vested in the immediate short-term economic gain that comes with these decisions.   Florida Save our State has details on where to send comments to the agencies that are responsible for the review and permit process, and some very helpful sample comment letters.  Scroll down for the section entitled "Comment Letters by a Ph.D in Hydroecology" for some of the reasons why we have to be civically engaged when it comes to mining issues.  You may even want to send in those comment letters in addition to the ones you submit yourself. 

Florida: Activists Stand-Off with Law Enforcement at Barley Barber Swamp (January 6th Info-shop News) regarding blocked access by FPL to oldest Bald Cypress trees in state near Martin County Fossil Fuel Power Plant- the largest in the U.S.  Activist claim trees may be dying due to water drawdown.  "Photos and video from the swamp are available upon request.  On-the-field interviews are available by phone or on site. Call for directions and assistance to reach the vigil site. ...Please call 561.308.9452"

How to Win Land Development issues- an online resources dealing with various aspects of land development.

WILDLIFE 2060:  The FWC hopes the report motivates Floridians to look at growth more wisely and inspires people to get involved to keep the quality of life that diverse wildlife and healthy habitat provide. To view their 28-page report, “Wildlife 2060: What’s at stake for Florida?” online, visit

Take action- Manatee County Citizen Rally May 29th  Read about one family's fight to protect the Little Manatee Basin. Commissioners decide June 3rd- give them your feedback-


STORY ABOUT Manatee Citizen RALLY (Tampa Bay's 10 May 29, 2008)- NIMBYism rather than citizens working for sustainable future.  Listen to this NPR report (May 29, 2008) Are Organic Tomatoes Better? by Allison Aubrey about how conventionally grown (highly-over-fertilized) tomatoes have far fewer nutrients than organically grown foods. 


Reservoirs in our Watershed: A Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program Conference planned for Feb, 2009- if you know folks with expertise in this issue have them contact the CHNEP regarding the opportunity to participate.

Altman Mines in Manatee County threaten 2400 acres;  Ft Meade Mine in Hardee could encompass over 10,000 acres.

Respond before June 3rd 2008 to ask local commissioners to protect our natural resources-  civic engagement is needed to protect Manatee and Hardee County from the invasion of the mines- your community may be next.   Details about who to contact are here.

Help fight RED TIDE- attend this fertilizer ordinance workshop on May 30, 2008 at the Tampa bay RPC.

Environmental Voice of Southwest Florida e-mail list is solely intended to allow environmentalists in SW Florida to communicate with each other in a speedy and efficient manner.

Brooks Concerned Citizens  an advocacy website - sign up for e-mail notices and e-action alerts

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This resource focuses on adverse impacts from mining currently not addressed or evaluated by regulatory agencies and municipalities, as well as alternatives to mining and approaches for improved monitoring and evaluation of existing and proposed mine sites and mine-related impacts.  This portal is made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of scientists, other professionals and citizens.

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