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Here is a note with links from Norma Killebrew, from Hillsborough County R=Water.

Thank you again for organizing the mine conference.  I represent  a section of Hillsborough County in which Mosaic plans to mine about twenty-five square miles.  We are not as organized as other groups are.  We are in the first stages of organization.  We have been known as Citizens Against DRI 263...however, we believe we will adopt R=Water as our name.  We lost our fight to add 1500 acres into DRI 263.  We will be fighting the operating permits for the upcoming unit 20.  Mosaic has had an unprecedented free hand in telling Hillsborough County what wants and always gets what it wants.  We plan to hold them more responsible for protecting our environment.  It is an uphill battle.  We need all the expertise we can absorb.  You may list my name as a contact person for our organization.  We have not been successful so far, so I do not know what we can share.  We are presently forging a link with the people who are fighting Mosaic in Manatee County.  The Manatee County Sierra Club supports our fight.  Thank you again for such an informative conference.  Please alert us to any other informative conferences that you think will serve our purpose.  Thank you, Norma Killebrew

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This resource focuses on adverse impacts from mining currently not addressed or evaluated by regulatory agencies and municipalities, as well as alternatives to mining and approaches for improved monitoring and evaluation of existing and proposed mine sites and mine-related impacts.  This portal is made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of scientists, other professionals and citizens.

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