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Lee and Collier County issues and materials


Lee neighbors concerend about planned mine acresoo county line in Collier (Naples Daily News Sept 17, 2011)

4th DCA reverses Palm Beach County Commission development order allowing a rock mining in the Everglades Agricultural Area (July, 2011)

read the decision here

A great decision from the 4th DCA today -- with recently elevated 19th Circuit Judge Burton Conner on the panel -- reversing a Palm Beach County Commission development order allowing a rock mining operation in the Everglades Agricultural Area.

The 4th DCA reversed summary judgment in favor of the rock mining company and ordered the case to be returned to the trial court for entry of a judgment finding the development order inconsistent with the Palm Beach County Comprehensive Plan.

The development order was challenged by 1000 Friends of Florida.
Richard Grosso and Robert Hartsell represented 1000 Friends.

Lewis, Longman and Walker represented the mining company.

Among the cases cited as authority by the 4th DCA was Martin County's own Pinecrest Lakes case, which established that the court does not need to defer to the county's interpretation of the comprehensive plan.


May 15, 2009 Update from Corkscrew Community:  Lee County has released their Staff Report for the RCH Mine zoning application.  The county staff recommends DENIAL of the rezoning request. The county staff’s conclusion:

“The Lee Plan’s overriding theme is one of safeguarding the public interest through neighborhood protection and maintaining compatibility with existing uses. Public purposes sought to be achieved are echoed in the goals, policies and objectives that emphasize the importance of compact and efficient growth patterns, compatibility, and preserving the character of residential areas by avoiding the introduction of uses that would be destructive rather than enhance the character of a community. The nature and magnitude of the impacts created by a mine operation cannot be adequately addressed in an area that is not characterized by industrial or mining uses. Historic development patterns along the Corkscrew Road Corridor have been agricultural and large lot residential uses. The character of the corridor is rural residential/agricultural, not industrial. Mining has only recently been introduced to eastern Corkscrew Road. The testimony of the residents impacted by one existing operation, Westwind Mine, makes it clear the Board was not unreasonable in denying rezoning applications filed with respect to Estero Group IPD or Schwab 640. The same residents will be affected by the Corkscrew Excavation mine.


As you can see, efforts to protect the character of the community over the past several years have not been wasted.

A short version of the staff report is available on the website for you to download here.

The full report is quite large (754 pages / 64MB) - you can get the large version from the Lee DCD web server here.

Estero Council of Civic Leaders opposed Troyer Brothers Mining Application to ACOE (March 31, 2009)

Responsible Growth Management Coalition Opposes Troyer Mine Application (March 31, 2009)

Court ruling could mean new mine on Corkscrew (Naples News, Tuesday, February 17, 2009)

Final judgment granting legal and equitable relief to Resource Conservation Holdings LLC (Feb 12, 2009) regarding mining application on Corkscrew Road, Lee County Florida.

Appraisals set Pepper Ranch conservation buy at $36 million (Naples News, Friday, June 13, 2008)

Lee will need to find alternative sources of water soon (Naples News, Wednesday, May 28, 2008)

Appeals court overturns judge’s mine restriction ruling (Naples News, Monday, May 26, 2008)

Scientists: Pollution of area groundwater from mines a valid concern (Naples News, Thursday, May 15, 2008)

Gilkey Organziation response to the Lee County DR/GR "preferred plan"

Potential for pollution from mines concerns Lee Officials (Naples News May, 2008)

View the DR/GR presentation from Dover/Kohl to  Lee County  (April 24. 2008)

Lee County's DR/GR website for ad hoc committee  2008

HEX report suggesting denial of new Mine on Corkscrew road (Lee County April 4, 2008)

brief summary of report and ruckus caused by expert

Corkscrew Road Rural Community

Responsible Growth Management Coalition

Brooks Concerned Citizens - Nick Batos  advocacy website - sign up for e-mail notices and e-action alerts

Here are some details about Hoevler's ruling in Miami-Dade County--

EAA MINING SUMMIT- hear the entire summit and

read newspaper stories - provided by Matt Schwarz

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