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Mining Impacts to the Human and Natural Environments

A compilation of resources and issues


Government resources (Local counties, Water Management Districts, Corp of Engineers, USGS)

Initial Assessment Monitoring Plan (IAMP) from Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department analytical results for complaince with the FDEP drinking water standards (January 13, 2011).

The report shows that new sinkholes are opening in areas that were mined, and that they acknowledge that they didn't have pre-mining baseline data, so are unable to determine whether the groundwater conditions resulted from the mine or were "natural"..  This seems to indicate that the Corps doesn't require baseline data as part of the pre-mining permit application information.

Interactions between Ground Water and Surface Water in the Northern Everglades and Relation to Water Budget and Mercury Cycling: Study methods and appendixes (Open-Flie Report 00-168 U.S. Department of the Interior and USGS prepared in cooperation with the SFWMD)

Potential Environmental Impacts of Quarrying Stone in Karst -- A Literature Review By William H. Langer U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-0484 Version 1.0 (2002)

The mining industry has to obtain numerous permits at great expense before they can begin operations.  Some estimate the time involved to be 3-5 years and a cost of over $1 million!

Some agencies they need permits from include

the Army Corp of Engineers  find out about Lake Belt issues specifically here

Lake Belt Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS)
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,

The Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on Rock Mining in the Lake Belt Region of Miami-Dade County, Florida is now available for review. The document is currently available for download at Please note that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is accepting comments on the Final SEIS during a public comment period that ends June 8, 2009. If you would like to comment through the Corps website, please visit

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Water Management Districts

U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Department of Community Affairs

Some specific county information:

Charlotte County Mining and Excavation Ordinances

View the DR/GR presentation from Dover/Kohl to  Lee County  (April 24. 2008)

Lee County's DR/GR website for ad hoc committee  2008

Indian River County Mining Moratorium materials including presentations (by Bacchus and Staff)

Important - Mining Impact questions being raised by county staff in Indian River County summit 2008

EAA Mining Report Permit Process (From Palm Beach Water Resource Manager, Sept 2007)

To contact your Florida government officials

State, local and city governments in the USA:

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This resource focuses on adverse impacts from mining currently not addressed or evaluated by regulatory agencies and municipalities, as well as alternatives to mining and approaches for improved monitoring and evaluation of existing and proposed mine sites and mine-related impacts.  This portal is made possible thanks to the volunteer efforts of scientists, other professionals and citizens.

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