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Here are some details about news stories and an audio to the entire EAA summit held March 19, 2008 in Palm Beach County from Matthew Schwarz

Here are a few small articles that appeared in the local press on the Palm Beach County Commission 'Rock Mining Summit' (proposed limestone mines in the Everglades Agricultural Area).  A number of us from the environmental side showed up and demanded no mining without the kind of comprehensive studies that were discussed at the conference.  Several speakers including myself mentioned the conference in Punta Gorda in their comments.  One of the exasperated mining representatives accused us of not really wanting studies -  what we really wanted was 'no mining'. 

I believe the county commissioners were definitely swayed to at least some extent in our direction.  The fight is far from over, but we had a successful day.

Articles follow here:,0,1137409.story?track=rss,0,2145050.story

The entire summit can be watched on video at the following site:

        Click on the March 19 Mining Summit

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