David C. Fugate

Assistant Professor of Marine Science

Department of Marine and Ecological Sciences

Florida Gulf Coast University

10501 FGCU Blvd. South

Fort Myers, FL 33965


Phone: 239-590-7136

Fax: 239-590-7200
Email: dfugate@fgcu.edu


  • B.S., 1983, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Biostatistics
  • M.S., 1996, College of William & Mary, School of Marine Science, Marine Biology
  • Ph.D., 2002, College of William & Mary, School of Marine Science, Physical Sciences  

Research Interests

My interest in sediment transport spans physical, geological and ecological aspects.  My current research projects include:


        Investigation of the turbidity maximum in the Caloosahatchee R. FL. The turbidity maximum is a unique environment that provides shelter for larval organisms, along with high oxygen demand.


        Particle aggregation dynamics and particle constituents in urban and relatively unindustrialized estuaries.  These processes involve the physical energy of the estuaries as well as the benthic fauna.


        Estimation of settling velocity of estuarine aggregates. I am currently working on a project funded by the New Jersey Sea Grant to estimate the settling velocity of aggregates in Newark Harbor using a digital floc camera (DFC). The DFC can measure in-situ aggregate sizes in larger size categories that laser in-situ instruments such as the SequoiScience LISST.


Photographs from the field

Photographs from the Passaic R., NJ