Welcome to Technology Orientation

Taking a distance learning course via the Internet is different from a traditional classroom format. Technology-based skills are required in order to succeed in this course format. This first module will introduce you to the different technology that you will be using to complete this Internet-based course. 

For each technology, we have provided practice exercises to familiarize you with how to use it. Also, we have given you assignments to complete in each section to assess your skills level in using the technology for this course. Each assignment is worth a number of points that will be credited to your grade.

If there are areas that you feel you need more practice, please inform your instructor and he or she will be happy to help you out.

    This is to acknowledge the ideas and efforts of the following individuals that made this web-based module a reality (in alphabetical order): Danilo M. Baylen (Instructional Technology), Andrea Benscoter (Criminal Justice), Peggy Bradley (Criminal Justice), Joan Glacken (Interdisciplinary Studies), Arlene Gladney (Instructional Technology), John MacLeod (Library services), Charlotte Slater (Instructional Technology), and Erping Zhu (Instructional Technology). 
    For any question or comment about the content of this module, please direct it to Danilo M. Baylen, Instructional Designer, Office of Instructional Technology.