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Volume Three, Issue Two                 Spring Semester 2000

Published Works  
Honorable Mentions  
College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers 
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Published Works

"A Critical Analysis of Multiculturalism." – by Connie Holzinger

"Changing Traditional Gender Roles in Mate Choice." – by Michele Gazica.

"The Future of Drugs in American Society: Looking Forward to 2025." – by Rebecca Kasapidis.

"Lake Trafford and You: Community Opinion." – by Laura Lopez, Chad Rufer and Sabrina Langlois

"Sexuality and Disability: Physical Impediments, Social Responses, and Psychological Implications." – by Rebecca Kasapidis


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Honorable Mentions

"A Conversation for the Purpose of Equality: The Problems and Solutions in Fuller's Woman in the Nineteenth Century." – by Alison Barnhart.

"The Arts: A Collage." – by Cynthia Anderson, Maria Wroblewski, Caitlin Sonnichsen, Joseph Kunkel, and Deborah Cassetta-Lynch.

"Criticism of flatland*sunder*innocence by George Prisby." – by Naomi E. Crews.

"Natural World." – by John Sark

"The Role of the Individual in Whitman's 'The Sleepers': Can We Remain Separate, Yet Become One?" – by Carol Roberts. 

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College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers
Rick Coughlin
Nora Demers
Win Everham
Brad Hobbs
Jackie Kent
Chuck Lindsey
Martha Rosenthal
Susan Stans
Ngure wa Mwachofi
Glenn Whitehouse
Jennifer Wojcik
Joe Wisdom
Aswani Volety
Editors: Stacy Andersen, Mason Meers, Jim Wohlpart


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