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Possible Benefits of the Restoration


As Lake Trafford exists currently, it is in the perfect position for an entire crash. An entire crash would cause all the life in the lake to die off making it hard, but not impossible to bring it all back. Taking into consideration that the lake is undergoing an entire restoration, hopefully no more damage will be done to it. Some people in the Immokalee community take Lake Trafford for granted and see no possible benefits to a cleaner lake.

As the bar graph shows, 38% of the responses from the community members said there would be no benefit to a cleaner lake. This could have something to do with the fact that over 50% of the people we sampled in the community were Hispanic, and the Hispanic population showed quite a bit less interest in the lake restoration then their Caucasian counter parts. However, showing what a popular fishing location Lake Trafford is, 30% of the responses had something to do with the improved fishing conditions on the lake. Finally 10% of the respondents said they would expect to see an improvement in the local economy. As the local economy improves, it would also be expected that the people who live on the lake would see an increase in their property value as well as a result of a much cleaner and more usable lake.