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Volume Two, Issue One                  Fall Semester 1998 

Published Works  
Honorable Mentions  
College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers 
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Published Works

"Common Pharmacological Treatments of Bipolar Disorder and Subtypes:  A Review"  --by David Cox 
Jan Hus: The Heretic? (a play) --by Joyce W. Miller 

"The Opportunities and Dangers of Globalization" --by Rebecca Kasapidis 

"Responses of epibionts on Thalassia testudinum (Turtle grass), to nitrogen availabliity in Charlotte Harbor, Florida" --by Elizabeth Betty Gilpin 

"Shifting Perspectives: Perception in Kincaid's Lucy and Banks' Continental Drift" --by Kathi Taliercio 

"Slavery's Destruction of Domestic Life in Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin" --by Brandi McCandless 

"Understanding the German People's Participation in the Third Reich" --by Theo Bailey 

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Honorable Mentions
"Globalization -- Opportunities and Pitfalls" --by Alan Edwards 

"Marriage and the Impact of Divorce on Children" --by Jennifer Hitzing 

"The Role of Women in Music"  --by Miles Mancini 

"The Women of Blues"  --by Calandra Towne 

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College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers
Stacy Andersen 
Rick Coughlin
Win Everham
Brad Hobbs
Mason Meers
Myra Mendible
Maria Roca
Susan Stans
Ngure wa Mwachofi
Glenn Whitehouse 
Joe Wisdom
Editor: Jim Wohlpart


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