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Volume One, Issue Two                  Spring Semester 1998 

Published Works  
Honorable Mentions  
College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers 
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Published Works

"The Female Hormonal Cycle and Mathematical Difference Equations"  --by Kristen Johnson 

"Interview with an Activist: 'but teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life'"  --by Steve Brewster 

"Misdirected American Democracy: Emerson's Solution in 'The American Scholar'" --by Eric C. Otto 

"Native American Humor: Powerful Medicine in Louise Erdrich's Tracks"  --by Leslie Gregory 

"The Original Sinners: Edenic Parallels and Women's Roles in McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses"  --by Shauna Smith 

"Rebellion and the World Wide Web: The Influence of the Internet on the Rebellion in Chiapas"     -- by Mikele Meether 

Value Egg  --by April Goodman 

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Honorable Mentions
"The Architecture of an Environmentally Sensitive Home"  --by Ricky Pires 

"Changes" (poem)  --by Patrick Gillespie 

"Education for Sustainability at Florida Gulf Coast University"  --by Bobby Holbrook 

"The Effects of Pollution on Global Climate Change and the Potential Threat to Global Security" --by Susan Christiansen-Trokey

"Environmental Education for Sustainability" --by Tom Klinker 

"If we are going to have polls, the public needs to be better informed and better educated as to where and how these polls are taken"  --by Jan Keune 

"Individual Cryptography: A Method for Overcoming the Message of the Media"  --by David Cox 

"Kim Nye: The Science Guide"  --by Kim Nye et al 

"Land of My Heart" (poem)  --by W. C. Hunt 

"The Master of Our Domain"  --by Connie Holzinger 
"A Study in Becoming an Environmental Activist"   --by Rebekah Hill 


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College of Arts and Sciences Reviewers
Stacy Andersen 
Rick Coughlin
Nora Demers
Win Everham
Chuck Lindsey
Mason Meers
Myra Mendible
Maria Roca
Martha Rosenthal 
Ngure wa Mwachofi
Glenn Whitehouse 
Ken Williams
Joe Wisdom
Editor: Jim Wohlpart


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